Night since 2010

exaclty[Exactly]. my obsessive compulsions are always trying to be gret[grey], always trying to be safe.

my signs that i am relapsing are ‘if i do this thing, it will twist time this way so then this will happen.’

and it should be unrelated but

i haven’t been wrong

until the next day

pick it
pick it
pick it
pick it
again, it’s filled up with more
ick[pick] it
pick it pick it
this one’s filled up w more
oick[pick] it
oick[pick] it
pick it

sense all of time and space at the same time
text him again
its not enough
its not enough
time and space say
time and space and time says
ok, one more time

bravery taste like
metal sppoks[spoons]
followed by
tears and
blue, water-logged skin

focus focu
hsnds[hands] keep going to the same spot
pcik[pick] it
[no,] focus
pick it
this one filled up with more
ocik[pick] it
[no,] focus
pick it
i need a shock collar
there is a reson[reason] i said no to cell phones

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